Peter's Spell Whiskey Packaging

  • Peter’s Spell Whiskey Packaging

    Take the first step. What does the perfect whiskey look like for outgoing people that like stories, a good song and maybe love to dance? Peter's Spell is a whiskey with confidence, a sense of movement and a magic touch.

    In a galaxy far, far away, Sweden, there was a young man named Peter. And like his grandmother, he had a huge passion for dancing. One evening, Peter went to enjoy a night out. He knew that this was his chance to shine. The nerves were killing him, but he stepped forward, he bursted out in the weirdest dance move ever, and stupidly knocked the drink out of a beautiful girl’s hand. Humiliated and laughed at, Peter stumbled outside and went home. 

    He couldn’t believe that he failed. The next day he decided to go to his grandmother to ask for advice. She told him her secret, and gave him a small bottle that she used to drink whenever she felt insecure. “Mix it with something strong”, she said. Peter knew he couldn’t keep this to himself and ”Peter’s Spell” was born.

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