Young Lions / Competition 2019

  • The Competition
    In a 24 hour time period, eligible entrants work in teams of 2 to answer a brief for a not-for-profit organization, selected by The Globe and Mail in consultation with the competition judges. The Canadian qualifying competitions are designed to prepare the teams for the global Young Lions competition in Cannes.

    The Brief
    Convince Canadians to demand political action that supports their personal climate change commitments. Secondarily, build awareness of Climate Action Network (Réseau action climat Canada) as Canada’s foremost network of organizations dedicated to addressing climate change and enlist sign-ups to their public pledge – A Green New Deal for Canada (working title).

    The Concept
    Due to aggressive agricultural practices, there are some 1.5 billion cows expelling methane (a greenhouse gas) worldwide. The real problem though–they can’t help it! What we can do is ask our government to put pressure on creating farming regulations, i.e. limiting livestock / production, and moving citizens towards a less indulging diet. When envisioning a campaign on climate change, we see a series of films like ours–positive, impactful, albeit lighthearted approaches to the biggest issues. We feel that an uplifting slightly humourous approach to these issues will inspire hope that this is fixable, encouraging citizens to demand action.

    Copywriter | Kyle Elich
    Art Director | Marc-Antoine Vallée