Inside. Out collection for iSaloni

  • Inside Beauty: Authentic Ukrainian design makes debut at iSaloni
  • Ukrainian design studio Sergey Makhno Architects presented its product design at the main design stage of Europe iSaloni.Salone del Mobile.Milano. The studio demonstrated its author’s lighting and furniture collection in the main pavilion of the exhibition.
  • About stand: 100 square meters in the Ukrainian
  • Sergey Makhno Architects stand occupied an area of 100 sq.m, presenting handmade ceramic lighting of a limited edition. Product design of the studio is a mix of Ukrainian traditions, contemporary design, and art. Critics’ attention is now being increasingly focused on Ukrainian design as the one that is about to become the next big thing.
  • As far as architecture is one of the areas the company is engaged in, it couldn’t be overpassed while constructing the stand. 
    A large cube hung in the air at the height of 1,5 meters. It was sheltering the main exposition — ceramic lamps Volcano and Crust smothered with the ceiling greenery. And underneath — Oleksandr Yarovy, the chief ceramist of the workshop, was working at the pottery wheel during the whole exhibition.
  • About the philosophy of the collection: Inside. Out
  • To admire, eyes need just the outer. But when it’s the life you will share, outer is not enough. You have to look deeper. 
    Inside there is beauty, energy, and true power. The world that is good with the cover, speed, and perfection takes the liberty 
    to neglect the inner. Basically, that’s why it always comes to an end.​​​​​​​
  • Things come to life when they are home. Without it, they are unable to tell what they really are. 
    It is home where a usual ceramic vase becomes an heirloom and the whole interior centers around it. Sergey Makhno Architects strives to create the exact such things. There are just a few of them, and each one has its history, place, and significance. 
    Things don’t want to be numerous. Things want to bring joy to their owners. Things want to be seen from the inside.
  • “My whole life I’ve been searching for the beauty. Now I create my own one from all the available things around. The more I work with it, the more clearly I understand — the true beauty is inside. And when somebody lets you peek into their inner — we see their essence, 
    we see how a masterpiece is flourished on the verge of possibility”, — shares Sergey Makhno
    the founder and creative director of the company.
  • The concept of the stand was also designed by the architect Alexander Kovpak, 
    and the chief product designer of the company Ihor Havrylenko.