Big Cartel Illustration

  • Creativity Illustration Series
    Client: Big Cartel

    Big Cartel is a e-commerce platform for independent makers and artists. I was commissioned to do a series of illustrations based on creativity for social media use. The series was released on their instagram along with my written thoughts and inspiration behind each artwork.

  • "Instagram is often a snapshot of everyone's success. Sometimes we focus too much on comparing the success of others with our own. The noise can make us stray from our path to follow trends that influence our work in ways that aren't authentic to our voice. Too much noise can also lead to a depressive creative lull where we feel our art is not good enough. Recognize the noise and drown it out!"

  • "Hard work and persistence will always beat talent. We are often our won worst critics when it comes to being creative and productive. For me, showing up for myself doesn't always mean doing my best work, sometimes it's just putting in the time and effort in practice my craft."

  • "Creativity is not an elusive trait, everyone can be creative but it takes persistence. It means actually putting in the time and effort into a craft and through the natural process of learning and improving, you'll notice opportunities to do things out of the norm, and that's creativity at play!"