Sauce School Branding

  • Sauce is a branding project for a school in Brooklyn NY. The client idea was to provide a more enjoyable school for students and teachers

    Sauce Logo

    After seeing the client font, we made it bolder and funner with the drops so it can be used for further applications, We created different texture bases on the logo outline and I had a lot of fun with the "S" as a protagonist of the brand.

  • Sauce Graphic
    Sauce is about surpassing your limits to become better at whatever you want to be, it's about having an opportunity to learn about new interesting things for the future and having FUN at the same time.

  • Sauce Mission Statement
    We make school more enjoyable by using food and games to eliminate the power struggle between students and teachers.

  • Credits:
    Huge Brooklyn 
    ECD: Ian Burns
    Logo concept: Alex Garcia
    Graphics: Daniela Alvarez