Huggies : Hug the Mess

  • I worked on multiple Huggies projects back in 2015, we made a lot of small videos featuring the usages of Huggies product. I was in charged of texturing, roto scoping, modeling, icon design. 
  • I design some icons for the " Dog Salon" spot.
  • For this "Tooth Brush" spot, I helped out with some modeling tasks.
  • For the " Birthday Cake" spot, I was modeling the cake decorations.
  • For the "Halloween" spot, I was rotoing the hands for compositing.
  • Last but not least, for "Glitter " spot. I made a few look development for the clay creatures, and stationary creatures. That was pretty fun to work on. This is also my favorite spot to work on! Below are some screenshots for the creatures.
  • And these are the renders I did while working on the textures for the creatures. 
  • They are pretty cute, right? Designed by Yeojin Shin !
    Directed By Buck
    Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
    Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
    Creative Director: Ben Langsfeld, Yker Moreno
    Art Director: Kyle Strope
    Head of Production: Kitty Dillard
    Production Coordinator: Stefania Consarino, Alexi Yeldezian
    360 Animation Director: Jose Fuentes
    CG Supervisor" Ryan O'Phelan
    360 CG Supervisor: Bill Dorais
    Director of Photography: Anibal Hernandez
    Prop Styling: Lauren Cawdrey
    360 Set Fabrication: Jeff Shepherd
    Colorist: Jose Fuentes
    Recording, Audio Production, Music & Sound Design: Antfood
    Storyboards: Nicolo Bianchino, Rocio Cogno, Justin Fines, Kyle Mowat, Yeojin Shin, Kyle Strope, Daniel Uribe
    Design: Nicolo Bianchino, Rocio Cogno, Justin Fines, Carmel Gatchalian, Ben Langsfeld, Gonzalo Menevichian, Yker Moreno,Kyle Mowat, Chris Phillips, Fede Reano, Yeojin Shin, Kyle Strope, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien
    Modeling: Dan Dickheiser, Cecilia Puglesi, Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien, Arvid Volz
    Texturing: Dan Dickheiser, Joao Rema, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien, Arvid Volz
    Rigging: Jason Bikofsky, Tao Ye
    Animation:Nicolo Bianchino, Andreas Bjoern Hansen, Olivia Blanc, Rocio Cogno, Chad Colby, Trentity DeWitt, Jose Fuentes
    Jaedoo Lee, Brice Linane, William Trebutien, Gonzalo Menevichian, Kyle Mowat, Fede Reano, Yeojin Shin
    Kyle Strope, Arvid Volz, Caleb Wood, Tao Ye
    Lighting:Dan Dickheiser, Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien
    CompositingAndreas Bjoern Hansen, Jose Fuentes, Jaedoo Lee, Brice Linane, Gonzalo Menevichian, Ryan O’Phelan, Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos
    Tracking: Ryan O’Phelan, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien
    Animation Pre-Vis: Fede Reano, Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos
    Rotoscoping: Dan Dickheiser, Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos, Carly Senora, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien

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