Sleek Musicology

  • Sleek Musicology

    Artwork based on simple 3D shapes dancing, listening and being wise to sleek unique tunes. All the while being full procedural and available in 4k.

    Tools - Cinema 4D, Octane, Photoshop, After Effects & Adobe Premiere

  • thoughtful palette for elegant coherence

    One of the core focuses was to start off with a simplistic color palette of four in which to later be scaled up to more compositions. Primary tones mixed with complementary ones gave that delightful balance. Each color tone got applied to its very own scene build with detailed considerations of its amount.
  • Smooth and unusal 3D form factors

    The concept is based on individual scenes in which all the visible components are acting as counter reactions to the primary object moved by the beat. The form factors and its movement are all different and up to you and your imagination to figure out its representation.
  • Custom sounds design for rhythmical impression

    Music by Bob Dunk - Another collaboration with my talented friend and audio composer.

    Melodies explored through early 3D compositions and concept definitions. Followed is two of the early drafts that set the final tone.
  • A process of experimenting on uncovered grounds

    There is barely any projects or tutorials showcasing the Cinema 4D sound effectors. The potential outcome sparked curiosity to experiment with compositions and how they would be brought to life by sound.

    Each shape began as tiny experiments of how to move them to frequencies. The integration demanded a balance between simplicity and the amount of objects in each scene when they were added.

    All 3D was done in Cinema 4D and rendered through Octane Render. Composition, grading and depth of field were handled through Frischluft in Adobe After Effects and final edit done in Adobe Premiere Pro. Photoshop enabled content and presentation material in still format.
  • This project is probably built on only one simple learning in Xpresso, this one