VANS MTE - All Weather - 360

  • To promote Vans’ all-new all-weather shoe, we produced a 360 online video immersing viewers in an all-weather world. The collage-style animation presents an urban  environment with dramatic weather conditions and stars adrenaline-loving athletes that are able to defy snow and rain by wearing all-weather Vans.

    The animation was used as a basis to create looping GIFs and videos, and enhanced through 3D sound design to further immerse viewers into the setting.

    The spatialized sound mix is optimized for playback on both YouTube and Facebook, ensuring an engaging experience breaking past the barriers of flat-looking social feeds.

    Featuring: Dylan Graves, Leila Hurst, Darrell Mathes and Mary Rand.

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  • 360 Video for the Vans' homepage

  • Styleframes

  • Process

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