Havana Club Daiquiri

  • Our 2018 rebrand saw Havana Club move away from craft-obsessed ageing hipsters to the next generation of rum drinkers. The new alignment with the global street culture tribe meant we needed a new way of thinking about how people are drinking our rum.

    With the daiquiri revival being one of the most popular cocktails trends this year, we set out to find a way to launch Havana Club's summer serve in our own bad-ass way.
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  • Everything in our research showed us beautiful cocktail bars with daiquiris served in elegant coupes. We knew the trend. But we also knew that we weren’t talking to hipster millennials looking for the next perfectly styled drink to ‘gram. 

    We were talking to the next generation of rum drinkers: the urban street culture tribe. So we moved the spirits brand away from a perfectly stylised drinks strategy to a more visual and occasion-based drinking strategy around Summer in The City. 
    We wanted to bring the fun back into drinking. So we made our serve fast, frozen and a little bit trashy. Our campaign used bright, summertime visuals of cool swimming-pool blues, popping yellows and kitsch-cool models. We rolled it out with a global-ready OOH poster campaign, slushie machines, paper cones and everything from jumbo metal straws to flip flops and swimsuits.

    Creative director Michael Scantlebury
    Strategy director Dan Deeks Osburn
    Design director Adeline Chong
    Senior designer Davide Baratta
    Designers Andres Clerc & Harry Vincent
    Senior Account Director Lauren McGregor
    Copywriter Alex Kosterman
    Art Director Sarah Burrows
    Creative Melissa McWhirter
    Producer Sian Hainsworth
    Project Manager Harriet Masters
    Drinks Stylist Tara Garnell & Rosey Mitchell