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    sinnesvoll comes from the german word sinnvoll which means full of senses.
    The brand name reflects the meaning of the products themselves. Supplements provide valuable nutrients to the daily diet, covering specific needs of the body .

    sinnesvoll is a brand new company from Frankfurt am Main, Germany with the main focus on the online market and especially platform.

    According to the brief, the brand and particularly the packging design should have a natural touch, as the ingedients are natural as well. While the word "natural" reminds leaves and trees, is not only that. My approach to the "natural" was different. Based on the colors that the nature creates in different conditions, the colors of the products and the texture of the paper, I could create a strong brand identity that represents exactly what sinnesvoll is, from the name to the ingredients.​​​​​​​

  • sinnesvoll
    supplements made in Germany
    Logo design / Packaging design / Product photography
    Gabriela Dule
    © Domany GmbH, Gabriela Dule
    Frankfurt am Main

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