Mad Media - Brand Design


    M.A.D MEDIA (Make-A-Difference) is a consumer company that provide platforms that create communities for like-minded people. As people share their experiences on the platform, they can connect with those who share the same interests of education, entertainment, social impact, lifestyle, etc., learn from each other and enrich their lives.

    To help communities grow even better, MAD will bring these platforms to brands and encourage them to participate with the communities. The aim is to create real and authentic experiences that build human bonding and bring benefits to anyone involved.

  • The logo has the shape of the letter M, as it is the abbreviated form of MAD Media – the platform that transforms ideas into reality.

    We visualize this concept as a square object gradually transforming into a letter M, which symbolizes the way original idea is converted into reality through efforts, communication and experiences.
  • We apply san-serif fonts to create a look that is direct, precise, modern and readable.

    Cool and neutral color schemes are used to create a sense of connection, professionalism and environment-friendliness, as MAD Media aims to encourage people through both digital platform and outdoor activities.

  • Credits:

    Agency: Next Good Things Agency
    Designer: Tri Tr, Trang Nguyen​​​​​​​, Trang Tran
    Animation: Ca Tran, Vy Truong
    Content: Long Nguyen

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