Calendar 2019 MIELEWCZYK

  • MIELEWCZYK are celebrating their 25th anniversary, and so decided to create a calendar for their employees for this occasion. They decided to go with a day-by-day book calendar with plenty of space for notes. The challenge for us was to design a light-weight calendar with such a large number of pages. The main motive of the project was to create a design that would be a continuation of the companies visual identity. It had to match the attitude of Mielewczyk – be professional but also give the feeling of a family owned company. This is why we chose to merge business-like elements with hand-lettering and motivational quotes. As a result, the calendar is helpful at work but also motivates and supports personal goals. 

  • When opening the calendar we see a blue Mielewczyk-coloured interior with small lettering. The back endpaper contains a thank you note. The calendar begins with a yearly plan of 2019 and 2020, a list of holidays and space for the user's goals. Each month starts with its name in lettering and a motivational quote on a blue coloured insert. Next, there is a page with the whole month mapped out and an area for that month's targets. Each page is dedicated to one day of the week and has a timeline from 7 am–8 pm. Thanks to this employees can plan their day precisely, as well as make notes in a space at the bottom of the page. The only exceptions are Saturday and Sunday, which share a page for the sake of ecological paper use and because this is the weekend – a time of rest. The weekend and holidays are also distinguished by a different colour of print – here we used grey, whereas the rest of the calendar is printed in blue. Public Holidays have an added lettering feature to remind employees of their day off. Due to the fact that Mielewczyk includes a multicultural workforce, the calendar is bilingual – Polish and English. 

  • The paper used to print the calendar is white offset and has a basis weight of 80 g/m2. Its size is 235x165 mm and it has 384 pages. The book cover is printed in Pantone Blue 072C and covered in matt foil. Silver hot-stamping is used to highlight the lettering of "25 years". The calendar is section sewn allowing for easy opening and there is a band around the cover to protect it from opening in a bag. Additionally, there is a sewn-in ribbon to let the user find the current date quickly. 

  • concept design: kasia pakuła & eugenia tynna & krzysia brzozowska
    design: eugenia tynna & kasia pakuła
    lettering: eugenia tynna
    technical support: karol rzepka

    project photos: krzysia brzozowska & kasia janczewska & aga habasińska
    client: Mielewczyk Sp. z.o.o.​​​​​​​

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