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  • Google Privacy

    It was a blast working with the Oddfellows team on creating a new illustration style for Google Privacy. To create cohesion with Google's privacy tools and services, we designed a style that would bring to life products in a way that was relatable, tangible, and humanizing. I took care of all the backgrounds, elements and UI stuff alongside Sarah Beth Morgan. Characters designed by Audrey Lee. Be sure to check all the videos on the Oddfellows website.

    My role
    illustration, design

    Directed by: Oddfellows

    Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
    Executive Producer: Erica Kelly
    Art Direction: Sarah Beth Morgan
    Animation Direction: Tyler Morgan
    Design: Audrey Lee, Loris F. Alessandria, Sarah Beth Morgan
    Animation: Tyler Morgan, Steve Savalle, Alec Cummings, Reece Parker, Anne Calandre, Claudio Salas, Jon Riedell, Kavan Magsoodi
    Music: Ambrose Yu
    SFX & Mix: Sono Sanctus

  • ↑ This is my first exploration for characters, than all credits go to Audrey Lee for the final ones.