Siemens & WP - The Future of Transportation

  • SIEMENS + WP BRAND STUDIO - The future of transportation

    Washington Post Brand Studio and Siemens collaborated on an article about the future of transportation, and how the new infrastructure will pave the way for e-vehicles.

    We developed the visual content for the site and article. 

    White and transparent urban landscapes with a high amount of green areas, wider parks and clean water became the environment to represent how renewable energy will affect and change our future.

    Build the city of the future, for a smarter and clean world.

  • Directed by:
    Produced by:

    Creative Direction: Milton Gonzalez, Valeria Moreiro
    Executive Production: Roberto Connolly
    Production Assistant: Joana Cabrera

    Design and Modeling: Valeria Moreiro, Federico Bogado, Sebastián Morales, Andy Cambiasso
    Lighting and shading: Federico Bogado, Valeria Moreiro
    Compositing: Valeria Moreiro

    Client: Siemens for Washington Post Brand Studio
    Agency: Smith Design Office

    Year: 2018