• The brand HERO was created for people who want to reach further, do more, and overcome their weaknesses. It manufactures sports socks with incredible powers. heroshop.pl

    art&chips studio was responsible for its logo, visual identity, concept, copywriting, the design of products and packaging, photo shoots: commercial and products, online shop, fair booth, and the way of communicating with the client.

  • concept design: kasia pakuła & alice szymankiewicz & karol rzepka
    logo design: kasia pakuła & alice szymankiewicz

    design: alice szymankiewicz & kasia pakuła & karol rzepka
    development: karol rzepka & adam częstkowski
    commercial & product photoshoot
    photos: dominika śnieg 
    concept: kasia pakuła 

    motion: aga habasińska 
    project photos: krzysia brzozowska & aga habasińska

    client: HERO heroshop.pl

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