Food Avadansh


    Food Avadansh is an concept for upcoming restaurant in Pune. Focusing on a dining experience that celebrates authentic Indian aroma and taste . It  will offer guests fine dining with traditional cuisines along with an elegant experience. It will ensure every dish made, includes the ingredients gathered from local sources to preserve the authenticity of each dish served. Cultural aspects and attributes will be incorporated in the dining experience to help one rediscover the heritage and history of Indian food and culture.

  • As the founder of Food Avadansh says, "Food tastes good when it has perfectly nourished ingredients in it" the inspiration for the logo is based on it. The inspiration for the logo is derived from the key aspects for the growth of the ingredients, which are Ambience, sunlight, water, breeze, and soil. Therefore these aspects are represented in the form of symbols and combined to form the logo.​​​​​​​


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