• You head on your next long-awaited adventure and your mind is chaotically moving with the thought that you have forgotten something. Or, you are already in the plane and your overflowed mind hits you with “Do I switch off the iron?”. Or maybe you are already in the mountain and while you read this your battery has gone drained. You are desperately looking for your power bank. The power bank you forgot. Whereafter, you broke your leg, fall into a bear lair and your only companion — a cold-eyed bear is waiting patiently to meet its new friend.​​​​​​​

  • Have you ever been in such a situation? Yes? Of course, you have been… There are times when we break the flow of our holiday because we simply don’t have a list to follow with the most important things we need to take and check before we leave home.

    I have also been there, that's why I created a checklist with selected outdoor items and things to be checked before leaving home. Yes, switched-off iron and fully charged power bank included.
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