• The rêverie in psychology, is that process that is performed by an individual to internalize and make digestible anxieties for a third person, as mothers do for their children. Over the centuries, to exorcise the fear of death, man has developed a series of stories about immortality that can be summarized in four narrative strands. The magazine tries to reproduce in each issue a new and modern version of each narrative strand that serves as a new conceptual and visual reference to discuss about death in a new way. The magazine, together with the physical installations, also acts as a platform able to return the contributions brought by people through the website, which in turn is useful for further stimulating the discussion.​​​​​​​

  • Format: 12 x 20 cm
    Pages: 80
    Paper: Cyclus Offset 140 gr/mq

    ISIA Urbino, 2018
    MA in Communication and Design for Publishing
    Supervised by Marco Tortoioli Ricci