• Through the term “iconocracy” I describe a new form of power currently exercised on the society with the use of intelligent software, powered by unaware use of images. Following this situation, the thesis focuses on the elaboration of a model of analysis for digital images, which can be used to modify the current modus operandi for the better. In particular, the approach advanced by this research concerning the analysis of digital images, connects visual, cognitive, linguistic and computer science disciplines, within a logical structure useful to better understand the problem and the parts that define it.

  • Format: 14,8 x 21 cm
    Pages: 340
    Paper: Fedrigoni Arcoprint EW 120 gr/mq and Favini Prisma cobalt 220 gr/mq

    ISIA Urbino, 2019
    MA in Communication and Design for Publishing
    MA thesis project
    Supervised by Luciano Perondi