The series COLOR is made from color plaster. The color dictates the pattern and the motive, it is set in shape, which limits and orders the color in turn. That’s how I create some puzzle, which I set within the environment filled with color or colorless, and watch the change within space around body and change with the body itself under other objects present influence or absence of these objects. Each body may exist by itself or within a group, changing its color characteristics, getting involved into combinations with different bodies from series COLOR. 

    Items from COLOR series remind the abstract impressionism, Paul Jackson Pollock works. My work renders color not within canvas but in a volume. Color is restricted by canvas (as in painting); amongst my sculptures color is restricted by volume ─ in front of the picture the viewer may notice that it’s possible to step into the canvas. All paints fireworks is revealed, all hidden gists are open, and the only exception is the color within the body (or body framed by color) doesn’t let you intrude into ─ it’s closed. There is such a sacred moment which human eye can not catch, but imagination can.

    I adore the color, its ability to influence human beings. Amazing thing ─ the color meaning for a human life, what a power it has!  

    Coloured pigment, plaster
    H max 24cm | H min 6,5cm
    ∅ max 30cm | ∅ min 14cm