Animated Chinese characters

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  • For thousands of years, Chinese characters contain the life experience and knowledge of the Chinese people. 
    We can see the sun and moon in the qin and han dynasties and the stars in the tang and song dynasties. 
    No matter how Chinese characters have evolved and changed since ancient times, we cannot deny their importance to the continuation and connection of Chinese civilization.
    This series of dynamic projects interprets the meaning of Chinese characters in a dynamic form from multiple dimensions such as light and shadow, physics and movement principle. The core purpose is to let more people feel the charm of Chinese characters from a more three-dimensional perspective, whether it is simple or complex.​​​​​​​

  • “动态字体实验”整体在汉字自身含义的基础上用动画的形式表达;
    比如拿 “癌”举例,动画展示了癌细胞以点破面慢慢侵蚀“健康”直至“死亡”的线性过程,配以病变的音效,让“情绪”更加可视化。

    Animation / Creative / Typeface: 行行珂
    Background music: shadow
    Special thanks: shadow

  • ,"Ai" :Cancer  [ Cancer cell spread ] 
  • ,"Dong" :East  [ Heavy traffic, all the way east ] 
  • ,"Yin" :Note  [ Beating notes ] 
  • ,"Ya" : Pressure​​​​​​​  [ Gravity flattening ] 
  • ,"Di" :Drop  [ Water drop process ] 
  • ,"Ying" :Shadow  [ Interlaced illumination projection ] 
  • ,"Si" :Tear  [ Tearing process ] 
  • ,"Ren" :Blade  [ Shiny blade ] 
  • ,"Die" :Stack  [ Folding Chinese kanji strokes] 
  • ,"Yao" :Swing  [ Swing left and right ] 
  • ,"Gang" :Harbor  [ Flowing seaport ] 
  • ,"Kai" :Open  [ Open one door after another ] 
  • ,"Sheng" :Produce  [ Tao Te Ching : The Tao produced One;One produced Two;Two produced Three;Three produced All things ] 
  • ,"Piao" :Float  [ Blown in the wind and combined ] 
  • ,"Chan" :Tremor  [ Trembling because of fear ] 
  • ,"Mang" :Blind  [ Blurred vision to blindness ] 
  • ,"Fan" :Turn  [ The rectangle is constantly flipped to form ] 

  • ,"Chen" :Dust  [ Bible:ashes to ashes,and dust to dust;in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection unto eternal life ] 

  • Animation / Creative / Typeface: 行行珂
    Background music: shadow