Yamaha R6

  • Target:
    Aim of the workshop is to enable participants to acquire the knowledge and technical skills to develop any type of photo-realistic illustration. Starting with a brief common to all 15 participants, we will work to complete the picture by touching subjects such as tracing photorealistic techniques deformation advanced, transparent gradients, the use of the pen tool.
    Martin Benes:
    Martin Benes is Art Director, Digital Artist and Retoucher with a long experience in the field of illustration with the best digital hyper-realistic computer graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. He is Behance Official Ambassador in Italy. His professional collaborations have led him to work around the world with big international brands, but the passion for teaching often takes precedence over other commitments, so as to have opened a very interesting blog full of tricks and techniques to get the most from graphic design digital.
    Martin on BeHance - Link
  • Original Image - Yamaha R6 - Link
  • Final image
  • Comparison
  • Everything can be improved, but this is only my first personal project ;)
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