• Dribbble shop poster

    Created a 3 color risograph poster for Dribbble's shop. The poster is available for purchase, check out this link.

    "I wanted to represent my own journey as a designer and as an illustrator. I used lotus leaves because the lotus has a very important symbolism to me. 

    A lotus is able to emerge from muddy waters and dangerous conditions. It represents the struggle of being born in a non-developed country and not having the economic resources to access to technology, and yet still thriving. Dribbble has helped me to be more visible and to show what I am capable of. I've grown a lot and met really great people through this community. I still think I have a lot of room to grow and learn. Despite the facts I have been able to get to a place where I am very happy, working hard and learning every day.

    I wanted to showcase a woman because I am one and because I know that sometimes being a woman makes some things more complicated. Still, we can all move forward and reach for our dreams!"

  • Thanks!