Fukushima Disaster Visualization

  • Fukushima Disaster Visualization

  • The three mega-posters (80 cm x 220 cm) describe the Fukushima disaster with its extraordinary intensity.
    Each poster contains a different catastrophe: a tsunami, an earthquake and a nuclear eruption. Together, they form an alarming and extreme triptych of the Fukushima disaster, one of the worst tragedies Japan has ever experienced.

    The typography comes from standard warning signs accessible to the general public. Each typography is designed in the form of the disruption representing the disaster: the earthquake warning collapses and breaks, the tsunami warning drowns and drifts and the radioactivity warning is exposed to radiation which disrupts the cells comprising it.

    The technique is a realistic, almost cinematic, photomontage which comes to portray the dramatic moments in disasters by combining a large number of complex images and compositions. The desire to treat as many details as possible creates a collage that allows the viewer to experience the chilling aesthetics of such an unusual event.

  • Caution — Radiation Area
  • Authorized Personnel only
  • Caution — Tsunami Hazard Zone
  • "In case of Earthquake, go to high ground or inland"
  • Earthquake Warning
  • "This is an unreinforced masonry building. you may not be safe inside or near unreinforced masonry buildings during an earthquake."
  • Fukushima Human Machine Interface (Nuclear plant GUI visualization)
  • Next to the posters is a screen showing the reactor's operating system at the time of the incident. The event is described on another platform (Human Machine Interface), and in another technique (video) but tells the same tragic story.

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