Pastry mania 2 Game Art and animation

  • Pastry mania 2

    Hi guys! 
    I am glad to present you the design of the game Pastry mania 2
    I started developing this game in the 2014th. I developed this game
    when I worked in the "Fgfactory" company.
    This is my second major project in the career of 2d artist and animator. 
    After finishing work on the "Magic Mix" game, i especially enjoyed 
    working with the game art and special with the background. 
    So In the new game I experimented a lot with the game background. 
    I wanted to achieve the effect of aerial perspective.

    In the future you can see many interesting projects.
    I hope you enjoy it, happy viewing.
  • - Game UI -
  • - animation UI -
  • - Background -
  • - game objects -
  • - characters Boss -
  • - gameplay - 
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