The Tale of Madagascar

  • We are revealing our latest work "THE TAIL OF MADAGASCAR"  Which we  did with the greatest
    Uber agency based in the UK  for the Client CHESTER ZOO. 

    It's talking About, The island of Madagascar has a truly exceptional position in nature. Through millions of years of isolation, 5% of all known animal and plant species can be found here, and here alone. The remarkable fauna and flora are matched by epic landscapes of incredible diversity. We decided to centre our creative on telling this amazing story, or ‘tale’ by linking it with the immediately recognisable ringed ‘tail’ of the stars of the show, the lemurs. For a real storybook feel I commissioned to capture the natural wonder of Madagascan in his own distinctive style. A genuinely captivating African voiceover added cultural authenticity and a sense of awe to this magical narrative. Our challenge was to communicate (through an online video and supporting collateral) the opening of this exciting new habitat, focussing  primarily on the lemur experience, with the aim of attracting 206,000 visitors to the zoo over the Easter period. The  creative not only had to create a sense of wonder and excitement but also convey Chester Zoo’s strong ethos of  connecting people to nature through education and storytelling. we hope you enjoy!  

    Agency: Über 
    Client: Chester Zoo 
    Art Directed by: Greg Clark & Rob Sandom 
    Illustration: Febin raj & Jinu ks
    Animation: Über Agency

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