De Medici

  • D e   M e d i c i  

    The conception of furniture set. Designed by Ihor Havrylenko
    Produced by: no one (we are looking for the manufacturer).
    Published on: Design-inspiration, Yanko Design.
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  • Conception
    the main idea of the furniture


    In the Italian courtyard, you can hear a gramophone playing. Tired Caravaggio’s canvases gaze out the high-browed apartments, while the ivory ribbons of curtains stretch from the balconies. De Medici live here — furniture of the outstanding Italian origin, created for the noisy secular parties and dreamy lounge spaces. 

    One furnished line consists of a collaboration of sofa and armchair in 3 different variations: a grey armrest and a striped pillow, a black armrest and a black pillow, a white armrest and a grey pillow. A moon of the massive armrest is lying on the sitting pillow. Tactile English fabrics show their character thanks to the game of the textures — the seat and the back are wrapped in touch-diverse materials. The legs are made of copper to emphasize the elegance of Italian posture.

  • 'The form of the furniture line doesn’t provoke long stays but protects everyone who wants to rest oneself here. Each time it is a perfect balance between art and function'

    — Ihor Havrylenko, designer

  • They require attention, need space and interaction. 
    With lighting, art objects, flowers, and the main supplement — a person.

  • 'De Medici is a tart wine with a siege. It does not necessarily quench thirst, but will surely leave a light copper finish of persimmons on the lips' 

    — Ihor Havrylenko, designer

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