• Quilt

    In most modern urban spaces there seems to be a steady decline of designated areas in which neighbours can communicate with each other.

    With Quilt, the most essential digital communication & sharing platforms for your neighbourhood are tied together in a modular hardware system that creates a small communal social space in every house. 

    The system is positioned at the intersection of smart home and smart city, as an emotional and technical mediator between private and public space. Quilt is made to help connect your neighbourhood and shape your city.

  • Let's start quilting

    Quilt is designed to patchwork households & local communities together with five key apps and a modular hardware system that finds its place in commonly used areas like corridors and lobbies.

    The system is shared by multiple households, instead of being managed by just one administrator or family.

  • Circle

    Quilt’s main app is Circle. A peer to peer voice, text and notes messaging service that is designed to connect neighbours while making day to day property managing tasks easier.

  • Made to fit your space

    Quilt modules can be securely mounted on an extruded magnesium profile, available in various lengths.