Fragrance Inspired

  • Fragrance Inspired

    We have always been searching for an inspiration in the visual culture and sounds around us. But what if we could try to visualize something that you can't see, touch or hear? "Fragrance Inspired" is an exploration project, which has purpose to show some of my brightest impression of perfume, in a minimalistic way. While making these hypnotic loops, I was trying not to rely on a public branding and advertisements but only my own experience...

    Huge thanks to my friend J. Brandt for joining explorations and putting
    his own vision on brilliant sound design and music!

  • Fragrance 1
    Saturday Awakening

    Inspired by Tom Ford Noir Extreme 

    This is one of my favorites, it reminds me of an awkward wake up after a good Friday party, soaked with tobacco, cocktails, etc, trying to focus and put together all things that happened last night.

  • Fragrance 2
    Dream Catchers

    Inspired by YSL Tuxedo

    This fresh fragrance brings me memories of careless childhood and summertime. We had so many fun and bright dreams about our future life, many of which were blown up in the course of a time.

  • Fragrance 3
    Imagination Dipping

    Inspired by D&G The One

    The same rough tobacco style inspired to create something dark about my feelings at each vacation when I'm not working. You just lay on hammock and keep generating ideas and visuals, but losing them all while you can't get to the laptop. Frustrating!

  • Fragrance 4
    Nature Rewind

    Inspired by Madly Kenzo Oud

    None of my Kenzo representations can't be without that tiger! The fragrance has so much violet/rose/patchouli notes, that immediately formed a color scheme. The visual itself rewinds the process of making everything man-made. Wouldn't it be fun if animals have an ability to transform synthetic to organic back?

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