Google Doodle - Madhubala

  • Collaboration with Google Doodle team as a guest artist for illustrating the 86th Birthday of Madhubala.
    Thanks to Erich Nagler and the google doodle team for this awesome opportunity!
  • Initial sketches
  • Colour Options 

    Tried some Intense colours
  • Change the background colours for highlighting her
  • As feedback try to settle the intense vibrancy colour into softer and warmer than the pure CMYK palette.
    Also change the pose little bit-
  • Tried more options for the pose and the colour!
  • Stick to the BG colour and finalize the pose
  • Final sketch
  • Final option
  • Final Creative - (cropped a little bit for focusing her) removed some elements in the creative for simplifying the background 
    Change the intensity of the color into properly evoking the film era of the early 1960s
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  • Thanks for your time​​​​​​​
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