What Woman Wants Apartment

  • What Woman Wants? 

    Architect: Ihor Havrylenko
    Location: Skala-Podilska, Ukraine
    Project year: 2019
    Status: Conception
    Area: 157.6 m2

    Designed for Natalia Shashkin — Ukrainian businesswoman with a strong independent character. She wanted a new place where she can spend her time on her own, without a husband, children, and others who can disturb relaxing or work time. This private apartment located in a small town surrounded by fields, forests, and mountains. This place is calm and fascinating. Fresh air, wonderful views, and a true connection with nature are there.

    The apartment placed in an old office building where nobody works anymore. This building was empty for a long time and that the reason why she bought it. This apartment will become an island for her. The island with the main entrance area, bathroom, kitchen-studio combine with living room, guest room, and her room with a wardrobe.

  • Conception
    about the bedroom, cabinet and dressing


    This place feels like an art. This wonderful wooden texture combines with gray and white textile. You should see this cool deep blue color and the white sculpture of Coral from the sea. This bedroom is cozy, comfortable, lovely. You can see the lamp Salamp near the bed. It's designed by Ihor Havrylenko too and you can find all the information about this product right here - Salamp

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