Black Elephant

  • The Client
    London-based interior design studio, offering “black elephant” design services and valuing efficiency and functionality as superior design principles.

    The Objective
    To create a professional, yet friendly, brand identity, reflecting the black elephant design concept, which comes as an opposition to “white elephant” design. For the record, “white elephant” is used as a metaphor for disposable, yet expensive objects, whose maintenance costs are out of proportion to their usefulness and in no correspondence with their value.

    The Solution
    Making good use of the long-established architectural tick and shapes, black elephant logotype and brand identity design highlights the transition from 2D to 3D space, directly referring to the primary objective of the studio’s interior design services. Heavy, bold typography calls for confidence and adept, while color palette mainly takes inspiration from building and craft materials, featuring black and red, along with grey hues.

    Thanks to the logotype’s expandable and foldable nature, along with the brand identity’s eccentric red details, black elephant’s presence can equally stand strong in print and digital applications, inspiring boldness, sharpness and a tone of freshness.