True Detective 3 opening title

  • Mill+ and Antibody collaborated with Nic Pizzolato to create the opening title sequence
    for the long-awaited third season of HBO's ‘True Detective’.

    As Motion Artist & Designer, We had a huge honor to work with  Director - Patrick Clair & Creative Director - Raoul Marks, and they gave us great initial style frames and direction of motion.

    Together our team at the mill pushed the animation to become a cohesive piece with additional design developments 
    The below frames are where I put my passions on to make them come alive.   

  • C r e d i t s


    Director: Patrick Clair
    Creative Director: Raoul Marks
    Managing Partner: Bridget Walsh
    Executive Producer: Carol Salek


    Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman
    Producer: Moira Mahoney
    Editor: Victor Jory
    Lead Motion Designers: Woosung Kang & Kyle Moore
    Design: Sasha Vinogradova
    Animation: Justin Sucara


    Colour: The Mill
    Colourist: Matthew Osborne
    Colour Producer: Liza Kerlin