Alaska - Tatouage Sauvage

  • Tatouage Sauvage in Alaska 

    In August 2018, we traveled 15 days in Alaska with the tattoo artist Ivan le Pays to film and tattoo landscapes, lost, into the wild. During this trip, we shot 5 tattoo sessions, that represent 5 different landscapes, one for each of the 5 crew members.

  • -Idea: Ivan Le Pays (
    -Images: Sauvage Studio (Alexis Malin + Thomas Chevillotte) (

    -Caméra 1: Alexis Malin (Canon 5D mark IV + DJI Mavic Air) 
    -Caméra 2: Thomas Chevillotte (Canon 5D mark III) 
    -Caméra 3: Jules Leduc & Thibault Lebivic (Iphone 6) 

    -Original Soundtrack: S8JFOU (
    -Editing: Alexis Malin 
    -Writing: Ivan Le Pays 
    -Animations: Thomas Chevillotte

    -Tattoos: Ivan Le Pays 
    -Photography: Sauvage Studio, Jules Leduc, Ivan Le Pays 

    -Special thanks to Etienne Axelos (for the tattoo power supply prototype) & Lucie Mouchet-Vaisman (for the project coordination).

    ©Ivan Le Pays & Sauvage Studio - February 2019

  • The idea was to choose a place we liked during our trip, and then let Ivan le Pays draw on our skin with his portable tattoo machine. Let him be inspired by the pure wilderness beauty of Alaska and then have a souvenir engraved forever on us.

  • The five crew members of the expedition ;) 
  • Thanks for watching