iD Mobile Community - Video, Newsletter and Design.

  • What's the iD Mobile Community I hear you ask?

    Well - that was the issue we set off to address with our suite of assets. Starting off with an instructional video and evolving in to further videos and a newsletter - we aimed to get iD Mobile customers interested and involved with the Community. I worked within a team to produce the majority of the project's visual/motion output so far.

    (if the marketing blurb didn't help - it's a web forum where iD Mobile customers can interact and help each other with problems that they're having with their phones)
  • The iD Mobile Guide to becoming 
    an iD Mobile Community Hero

    "Forums - they're pretty nineties? Lets embrace that."
    This is a paraphrase of something we probably said at some point. This video aimed to introduce iD Mobile customers to the Community and how to become an "iD Mobile Community Hero". We were heavily inspired by Tim and Eric, with a bit of a superhero twist. The video was loosely edited by the director - and passed on to me to edit further, apply motion graphics and give it an all round 90s vibe.

  • The iD Community Newsletter

    Great - we've got (some of) them on the forums. 
    How do we keep them interested and coming back for more?
    How do we get more people interested?
    A Newsletter? With prizes and fantastic tips?
    Even the chance to be the Hero of the Month?
    Sign me up!

    I was tasked with creating a newsletter that would go out to community members - as well as select iD Mobile customers. Visually - it had to feel in sync with iD Mobile, but equally feel like it's own thing. Month to month I also contribute ideas for competitions and modules, as well as creating new imagery.

  • Forum Reaction Videos

    "Reaction Videos are all the rage online - so why don't we create some of our own?"
    This is another paraphrase of something we probably said at some point. Taking left over greenscreen footage from our shoot - I was given free reign to produce reaction videos that we could use to reply with on the forum. This is a small selection of some of the short videos that I made!

  • Community Hero Animations

    We ramped up the campness to full throttle with these fun animations - which were intended for use in article content.