Various Editorial Illustrations

  • Various Editorial Illustrations
    A series of editorial illustrations for clients such as The New York Times, The Ringer, and NPR. All pieces done with Procreate on the 12.9" iPad Pro and finished in Adobe Photoshop on a Windows PC.
  • Rewriting The Old Disability Script
    Client: The New York Times; Disability Series
    AD: Jim Datz

    For an article on how the writer, a queer woman who grew up in a Catholic household in Christian-majority Yorkshire, contrasts her upbringing as the other with the problematic ways disabled people are represented in ableist literature and media; all as she learns to navigate life with multiple sclerosis.
  • Home Addresses Are Up for Sale. Time to Take Back Your Privacy.
    Client: The New York Times
    AD: Hannah K. Lee

    Home addresses have always been public information. But now they’re too easy to search.
  • The Most Underappreciated Movie Franchise of the Last 10 Years Is … ‘Twilight’?
    Client: The Ringer
    AD: David Shoemaker

    The sparkly, kitschy vampire movies debuted 10 years ago, giving us two bona fide movie stars, a multimillion-dollar franchise, and a blueprint for how to market female-driven films to female audiences. Will we ever take the series seriously?
  • Why Can’t I Talk To My Filipino Mom About Mental Health?
    Client: NPR
    AD: Meredith Rizzo

    Editorial illustration for NPR, for an article on how the author has a hard time talking about her mental health with her 1st generation Filipino-American mother due to the culture clash.