Inktober 2018 // Animal Medicine

  • For a while now I've been meaing to do a series of illustrations on different animals used in traditional chinese medicine and I figured Inktober 2018 would be a good jump off point for that. 

    Each illustration depicts the animal of which are slaughtered for the use of medical purposes - often for particular parts of the animal, sometimes whole. It is believed that certain animal parts would boost health in particular areas. This practice in the West has been considered very controversial, however in the East, in particular Korea, China, Hong Kong, some animals are being driven into extinction.

    Would love to carry on this project in the future.

  • If you'd like to see more of the details on each animal and what parts were used, check out my instagram:
    Also would love to know your thoughts on this project either DM me or comment down below :)