Tale of Daedinn The Steadfast

  • Daedinn, once ruler and a mighty prince, then cursed by his own people and banished far beyond the reach of human civilization. A man who lost everything, living in misery and despair, will try to challenge the destiny and change his fate.

    Daedinn or The Tale of Daedinn The Steadfast is my student project I did for Graphic Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In this particular comic book I was trying something I would call more "classical" approach, but still containing the freshness and energy of my beloved comic half-tones, rough lines and grungy textures. This balance of old-school and modern extends further to fusion between traditional and digital art. I also wanted to focus heavily on fundamental skills and the proper ways to develop more powerful storytelling language.

    The final effect  has surpassed my expectations. It was extremely engaging narrative challenge but definitely a truly rewarding one!
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