• ​​​​​​​Same story, two different paths. The Mud Boy is a text with a lot of interpretations. I have only tackled two of them. Designed as an accordion book, you will find the same story on both sides, but with different nuances that the text explores. 

    In collaboration with the writer Betina González for Ilustración Roldán. The book was part of an exhibition in Centro Cultural RecoletaBuenos Aires, Argentina. 

    Besides, the book was the winner at the 4th Biennale of Design of Argentina in the category "Graphic Illustration". Very proud to have participated with such talented designers!
  • EXHIBITION / International UBA Poster Festival / Buenos Aires - Argentina
    FINA (International UBA Poster Festival) called for students and professional graphic designers, from all over the world, to participate in the first edition of the festival with works related to different themes: cultural, social or political posters. 
    I participated with a Cultural Poster in the Professional category and I am very happy to have been shortlisted among recognized designers (NTE (Nous Travaillons Ensemble), Lins Rico, Atelier Malte Martín, Leila Bergougnoux, George Manta, Diaz Sonia + Martinez Gabriel). 
    The poster was part of an exhibition in the University of Buenos Aires at the 4th Biennale of Design. The poster was also part of the 2019 Biennale catalogue.

  • For any freelance work, feel free to contact me ✂ hello@juliamicelipitta.com

    Thanks for watching!