garde, modern fencing equipment

  • garde
  • "A uniform that will innovate professional fencing sportswear, but still express the pride and tradition of the sport"
  • Adobe Illustrator was used to finalize the design of the inner bodysuit, vest and gloves. This step was crucial in the process.
  • The helmets focus was to improve visibility for the athlete. This was solved with a polycarbonate screen while still keeping the metal mesh for breathability.  It's also equipped with an inner sweatband, perforated area for hearing and protective kevlar.
  • The shoes focus was to improve stability and durability, while still keeping flexibility for the athlete. It's a laceless design with a midsole that is shaped in a way so less distress is made on the upper while performing. There is also a protective toe cap, ankle strap and a sole that wraps over the heel to maximize support and movement.