Lunch Combo in Year of Boar 午餐紅包套餐 新年限定

  • Guaranteed to bring you instant good luck

    In this day and age, we thrive on convenience. Whether it is getting a midnight snack or transport, we crave and favour anything instant. This Chinese New Year, we’d like to wish you convenience in all things which truly matter – love, fortune, good health, career and dreams. Gong Xi Fa Cai!「天天都有免費的泡麵 日日都有白吃的午餐」

    現今的社會,不管是吃到宵夜,小食或乘車,我們都在追求以更快速和方便的方式來輕鬆達到我們所想要的東西。這個新年,我們也預祝你可以像我們為你準備的curry pork口味即食麵和高級午餐肉一樣,以更輕鬆更快速的達到每一個新年的願望,獲取滿滿的幸福。

  • Instant Good Luck Longevity Noodle Porksperity Pork Luncheon Meat


  • Dimension: 90mm (W) x 170mm (H)
    Material: Antalis Pop‘Set Cosmo Pink
    Set of 10 Red Packets (2 Designs)
    With goil foil stamping on sporadic areas on the front

  • Grab your lunch combo red packets here!

    A collaboration between Fictionist Studio x Valen Lim x ana tomy