Sztuka ze społecznością | Community arts | book

  • Sztuka ze społecznością / Community arts

    A compilation of texts by the leading Polish practitioners and researchers of the community-based art.

    The initial concept was to create a handbook in a literal sense: something we can always grab to learn or look for inspiration. Referring to this educative approach, I proposed introducing some graphs with captions, illustrating selected expressions from the text. Some of them are phenomena or processes and some are very vivid abstract notions or metaphors, such as density of inter-human relations, temperature of toil and joy or archipelago of cultural approaches.

    Apart from the small schemes, the book also comprises full-spread illustrations and photos. Orange elements highlight some parts, thereby complementing the image and creating new meanings.

    Printed in Pantone Black U and Pantone 811 U (fluorescent orange) on Munken Print Cream.
    Format: 150x225 mm

    Honourable Mention at the Polish Graphic Design Awards.

  • Fonts used: 
    FF More by Łukasz Dziedzic from FontFont
    Europa by Fabian Leuenberger from EuropaType
    Soleil by Wolfgang Homola from TypeTogether

    Photos on the spreads by Jaśmina Wójcik and Jakub Wróblewski.

    Released in Poland by Krytyka Polityczna publishing house in 2018.