DMIG App Concept

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    Especially I want to thank Niklas Coskan, Mirco Kurth (28 LIMITED BRAND), Laurids Düllmann and ZWO rundum kommunikation GmbH for their content support.
    NIklas Coskan is the artist of the posters used in the 'Poster Gallery' and together with Laurids Düllmann the creator of the fabulous 'Medusa's Son' iPhone game.
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    Mirco Kurth (28 LIMITED BRAND) is the creator of the logos in the top right corner and in the left middle, used in 'The Logo Gallery'.
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    ZWO rundum kommunikation GmbH created the wonderful 'Borussia Düsseldorf' logo used in the top left corner of 'The Logo Gallery'.
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    I hope to inspire a future DMIG App with this concept. If you're an app developer do not hesitate to contact me.

    For feedback or work inquiry you're welcome to contact me.
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