• Loop Surf Salon

    Loop Surf Salon is located at No. 3 Beach, Xiyong, Shenzhen. It offers surf teaching, self-roasting coffee beans, hand-crafted beer, gin-themed bar and French-style light meals. The seaside salon regularly hosts various music, art and literature events.

    Loop Surf Salon hopes to have unlimited possibilities and freedom to provide a lively seaside lifestyle. Loop combines movement and thoughts to let the body and mind surf. Therefore, the initial heart of Loop was to welcome people who love sports and cultural activities, and to send people here, whether it is sunshine or thought.

    Loop Surf Salon位于深圳西涌三号沙滩, 提供冲浪教学,自烘咖啡豆精品咖啡,手打精酿啤酒,金酒主题酒吧以及法式简餐定期举办各类音乐艺术文学电影活动的海边沙龙。Loop Surf Salon希望有无限的可能和自由,提供让人保持鲜活的海边生活方式。Loop将运动和思潮结合,让身体和思想尽情冲浪。所以,Loop创办的初心是迎来热爱运动和文艺活动的人,送往在此收获的人,不论是阳光还是思想。

    Services: Visual Identity,  Graphic Design |  Year: 2018.08