Forbidden Fruit Club

  • Forbidden Fruit Club is a fictional clothing brand which I made last year for my graduation project. It’s a story about love and passion, journey into the secret garden full of temptations. The fruit in the title is an opening to something forbidden, secret; it’s an element inviting us to a closed circle and refering to Adam and Eve’s biblical story. Also the form of a club enhances the aspect of belonging to the elite, with obviously each one of us wants to belong in! 

    During the journey we are tempted to eat the fruit by snakes present in the brand identification. 
    The main elements of brand are series of t-shirts and illustrated zine. Project is complemented 
    by William Blake’s poems – the great master of love poetry, which are also touching the topics 
    of heaven and hell, sin and virtue. Blake’s poetry is present in all brand materials 
    and in illustrated zine.
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