• Mealox (Meal + Box)  is a brand that provides a new concept for children to be more independent and eat healthier by giving them the tools and knowledge to prepare their meals in a fun and interactive way under their parents supervision.

    The problem:
    1- Kids having bad eating habits.
    2- The lack of interaction between kids & parents due to technology attraction.
    3- healthy food is not attractive for kids.

    1- To create an interaction between parents and their children.
    2- To motivate children to be educated and independent to prepare their meals.
    3- to visually attract children in order to motivate them to brag with the products.

    Research Question : 
    How can communication design drive parents into changing their children’s eating habits 
    through providing healthier alternatives ?

    The Solution: To create an interactive series of products made with a safe material (BPA) inspired by the children's drawings, their favorite mobile games and funky color palettes with a book full of illustrated recipes of their favorite meals, candy or snacks but made with healthy ingredients.
  • The whole illustration tells the story of the meals in the Mealox Recipes Book that can be divided into 4 separate illustrations, these small illustrations are the sections inside the book & packaging.  Each section in the book is identified by it's pattern that shows the ingredients used in the recipes of each section.