• Custom 3D graphics

    This year, 3D design has moved one step higher. Now the influence of 3D is noticeable in all branches of design. We predict that 3D design will evolve at a faster rate in the near future.

  • Project: Squarespace

  • Project: Sahel            Author: Elated Themes

  • Project: Compositions           Author: Peter Tarka

  • Author:  Diatech

  • Project: Netrix

  • Project: Compositions           Author: Peter Tarka

  • Dark themes (Mohave style)

    After Dark style Mac OS was finally released, web will be filled with dark interfaces and possibility to switch between different themes. We believe, that interface customization by user, is the future of the web. It's great to have a possibility to customize what you use!

  • Author: CueBlocks           

  • Project: UxPin

  • Project: Cosmos UI Kit

  • Author 1:  Ji-hern Baek            Author 2: Lanp

    Isometric in Web

    Isometric projection is a method of visual representation of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions. Increasingly, designers prefer isometry to show the whole composition. We are in anticipation of new super-creative isometries in 2019.


  • Project: DappHouse           Author: Lanp                                                          illustration: made by Freepik

  • Author: uixNinja  

  • Project: Cypherglass            Author: Lanp                 

  • Project: Herdius  

  • Project: DigitalOcean     

    Bright Colors and Gradients

    Bright colors and gradients are relevant to this day, and we believe that this trend will continue for a long time. Increasingly noticeable gradients in bright color combinations.

  • Project: Stripes          Author: Heartbeat Agency

  • Project: Grabient         Author: Eddie Lobanovskiy 

  • Project: Elje Group

  • ​​​​​​​


    Minimalism is when the page is clean, everything is in its place, and there is no confusion, even the mind feels more relaxed and ready to concentrate. Minimalism will continue to be popular, waiting for more purity in 2019

  • Animated 3D

    We expect that more and more designers will combine 3D and animation. Below are some good examples of 3D animation.

  • Author 1 : Nathan Riley          Author 2: Minh Pham

  • Author 1 : Nathan Riley       Author 2: Best Served Bold

  • Project: Living Coral      Author: Nathan Riley

  • Project: Theglyph

    Full-Screen Background Images

    Another distinctive feature of this year is the full use of the space. Designers prefer to use photos, animated photos, videos. This method adds more color and revives the interface.

  • Project: Cabin Fever Header Transition      Author: Nathan Riley

  • AuthorNathan Riley

  • AuthorNathan Riley

    Creative Loaders

    Gone are the days when sites used boring download bars. Are creative methods of loading old women now being used? The following are excellent examples.

  • Project: Awwwards Conference            Author: Adoratorio

  • Project: Contemple

    Creative and Bold Typography

    We could not fail to mention another trend - these are creative and bold texts. This is a clean and neat mess on page.

  • Project: Studio Mega

  • Author 1: Onirim             Author 2: Nurture

  • Project: Foundation Marketplace             Author: Zhenya Rynzhuk 

  • Author 1: Denkwerk             Author 2:  Zhenya Rynzhuk ​​​​​​​

    Liquid Graphics

    Another popular trend in 2019 will be liquid fonts. This is a great option to attract the user's attention on the content.

  • Author:  BestServedBold

  • Author 1: AIC             Author 1: Judson Collier          

  • Author 1: Nik Ere                      Author 2:  BestServedBold

  • Colourfull illustrations

    What is an integral visual part of a web page? True, this is a good illustration. 
    It can describe a meaning, corporate identity of a brand and much more.

  • Project: Scandinavian Fishing Website            Author: Cuberto

  • Author: Unfold

  • Author: Cuberto

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