Sokol Center Signage

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    Sokol Centar Gymnastics Hall
    Signage // Illustration // Web 

  • Sokol Centar is a new, top-grade gymnastic and sporting center, featuring state-of-the art sports gymnastics training equipment of the highest level and quality. It is located in the city center of Osijek, in the eastern part of Croatia. Sokol Centar is based in the very center of the city, surrounded by all the important facilities. The main gymnasium covers 1,000 m2 and is equipped with the state-of-the art apparatus of the German company Spieth.​​​​​

    For the new modern gymnastics hall and the remainder of the facility, Studio 33 was hired to design the functional layout of the location and interesting signage, the aim of which is to facilitate the movement of permanent users of the facility, such as professional gymnasts, coaches and the Sokol Centar employees. The signage should also help with movement and easier orientation of all other visitors, such as recreational athletes and preschool children, as well as tourists or guests of the hostel at the top of the building.​​​​​​​

    In line with the specific nature of the facility and the layout of the rooms, the main task was to direct the users as soon as they enter the facility. Along with an index table and a list of basic contents for each floor, we have also defined two types of rooms. Blue rooms signify the most important contents for temporary visitors and for permanent users' everyday use. Grey rooms are intended for a secondary and technical use, in other words, for the employees in charge of maintaining the facility. 
    The signage project, in addition to defining the nomenclature, includes the development and design of a set of distinct and effective pictograms for all the contents of the facility.

    As part of the signage of the facility, we have designed a set of illustrations of gymnasts which have been placed at the entrance hall of the building. The illustrations represent the complexity of movements and dynamics of gymnastics, and they serve as a decorative element of the lounge bar.
    The final phase of the project includes promotional brochures design and design of a website which offers all the information on the amenities and the location of the facility, as well as the option for easy booking of the gym for preparations of gymnastics teams.

    The design and signage project has enabled a better perception of the facility with its distinctiveness, and it created the visual identity of the Sokol Centar gymnasium. The facility gained an extraordinary interest of the public after its opening, and there was a large number of new members and users who use the potential of this extraordinary sport complex daily.

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    Client // Centar Sokol d.o.o.
    Agency // Studio 33
    Art Direction and Design // Leo Vinković
    Design and Illustration // Mario Majkić
    Photo //  Marko Banić
    Video //  Domagoj Oklopčić
    Architect // Mislav Salitrežić, Sirrah projekt d.o.o.

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