In the past 10 years, human kind has produced more plastic than the entire 20th century. I believe that a great design is a measure of our progress - therefore I feel that it is my responsibility to embrace sustainability as important direction of inspiration. I am a believer of Nike legacy and I am convinced that they have the ability to make an impact in the world of sustainability. Therefore I want to dedicate this ambitious concept to Nike.

    The current technology and 3D-software possibilities are truly changing the way how we interact, design and manufacture products. My purpose for this project has one simple goal - to explore the possibilities of 3D-softwares that leads my design process and results into much smaller footprint on the planet. Because of my background experience in fashion and the industries global waste problem, I started to question every step behind the manufacturing processes. How can it be more efficient and environmental friendly?

    The solution is simple : The starting point is the recycling of plastic. After, all the plastics are turned into textiles and assets for 3D-printers. In a combination with the 3D-softwares, these assets are used for further product development and design prototyping. This results in a product with a purpose - Nothing more and nothing less than you need! This concept inspired me to create the PROTOTYPE 03 sneaker project.


    The PROTOTYPE 03 is a concept sneaker that is specially developed for all environments. It features organic design language with optimized two-layer construction for the best comfort. The translucent waterproof upper with Gore-Tex membrane, helps you to stay dry in wet climates. Your feet is wrapped around a comfortable 360-feet stability with the 3D-Flyprint inner sock and Flywire technology. With the highly responsive 3D-printed midsole, your weight distributes in every step you take. The wider outsole design provides optimal grip and traction for wet surfaces. To avoid any unnecessary feet movements, the sneaker has distinctive larger heel counter.


    I am always searching for the 3D-softwares that offers more intuitive and more spontaneous 3D-object creation experience. Something more familiar and more exciting to real life design development! This project was made by using Marvelous Designer, Pixologic Zbrush and Keyshot. The main goal was simply to work with 3D-scanned avatars to study the functionality and the ergonomics of human anatomy. To replace the traditional real life prototyping process with fully-digital design development. 

  • Concept, Art Direction, 3D-Creation & Rendering by Janis Sne

    Video editing, Motion graphics & Music bLuca Fiandri