• DENSE magazine
    Editorial Design, Art Direction                                                                                                                                                                                 

    The rising generation's values can be hard to predict as they are waiting longer to get married, traveling abroad, and living at home to save money. However, not everyone shares the same preferences, and this gives way to niche markets. Thus, the inception of van life, tiny living, and small city-apartments.

    DENSE is a monthly magazine that introduce the readers to micro/compact living under different cultures and settings. Each issue emphasizes on a certain form of living such as urban landscape and compact traveling. They serve as an invitation for the readers to step on a journey of exploring the possibility in compact living under an urban environment; discovering how people learn to cooperate with the limited resources they have; drawing connections between each other. The cities are buzzing with busy traffics while we rush to offices daily nibbling our breakfast eats. Finding a little time to ourselves in this hectic life where everyone is after a mammoth task. While it is not possible to sit back and relax and do nothing, there can be ways to make our life a little at peace. 

    Our mission is to bring perspective upon readers via first person narratives as well as photography and interviews, sparkling an inspiring conversation between the readers while re-exploring the definition of "dense". ​​​​​​​
  • Welcome Home, a monthly event: 

    An installation emphasizing on the interaction between the audience and the environment following by what is covered in the magazine. For the September event, we have set up a life size coffin house with the issue on Urban Landscape; such concept is derived from how the living situation is like for the lower class in Hong Kong. From inside the coffin, the audience gets to experience that feeling of intensity and suffocation from watching the projection while cramped. We hope that this spatial experience will ultimately draw attention and sympathy to the living issue.

  • Special thanks to Annie Huang, Kristine Lim, Cash Huang, Jessie Ma  Alpha Long, Joe Qiao, Rae Chye, Shannon Tsai and Sunny Li for making this possible.